Why Skrillex Knows More About Marketing Than Most “Marketers”

…In fact, not just Skrillex, but most every popular DJ (and not just by this example but by many). Having once been a professional DJ myself, I can tell you that the concept of social and peer influence on popularity is what makes the dance floor bounce. The idea is simple: get a few people dancing (or at least the most popular person in the venue) and others will join. Lose a notable few people from the dance floor and others will follow- leaving it empty and you working harder to get them back.

“We” (marketers and DJs) know from experience that if something is perceived to be popular, it is more likely that it will become popular. That’s essentially the focus of the recently resurrected 2008 study: Continue reading

BOA Events is now BOA Life!

Welcome to our brand spanking new website! As you can see, there’s still a little construction dust, but you get the idea.

BOA has always been officially BOA Life LLC. But, because our primary work was in events and musician management when we registered as a business, we chose to go by the BOA Events moniker we had adopted in China. BOA Life was chosen as a kind of aspirational reminder of what we WANTED to become: a full service digital marketing agency that occasionally still works with musicians and produces events.

Well, folks, we’ve made it! And, from now on will be using our true name. While events will always be a part of what we do, we now do so much more!

Living la BOA vida … At SXSW!

What used to be an annual pilgrimage for us came to a halt, as most things do, due to “life.” But we’re back in 2014! SXSW is a chance to learn, explore, make new connections and better ourselves … All while eating great food in Austin, TX! We are very fortunate indeed.

But, what do conferences like SXSW do for our clients when we get back home? It all sounds like a big party, you say. SXSW is expensive for most, so why do we shell out thousands of dollars on an 11 day nerd vacation (we go Platinum all the way)? Well, let me tell you a little story about our first SXSW.

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Living the BOA vida