In 2008, BOA registered in California as BOA Life LLC and incorporated web and graphic design as well as artist management to the original event production and marketing repertoire of services.

BOA Events was founded in 2005 by Mikaela Pollock and Katie Pomerantz to produce nightlife events in China’s capital, Beijing. BOA once stood for “Beijing’s Other Attractions” and was known as the producer of “alternative” events, focusing on markets previously unexplored by other production agencies (LGBT, international indie artist touring, fundraisers, etc.). Turns out, besides being the moniker for a certain tropical reptile, BOA also means “good” in Portuguese.

Our philosophy has always been that music and art are the best ambassador, building bridges between cultures and connecting people through common experiences. As international relations majors, BOA’s founders believe that in a highly politicized world divided by ethnic, racial, religious and cultural lines, music and art hold the power to cross these lines and educate on a level that goes beyond the mind to the heart and soul.

Our goal is to work hard, stay educated, and remain ridiculously creative so that we can crack the code of effective communication that creates actions good for your organization and good for the world.

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