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BOA is two cool parts. And by two cool parts, we mean two cool people (plus the occasional equally cool person or two who we trust to work on BOA projects as necessary). One of our cool halves has spent most of her life in online community building. This started in those rad 90’s chat rooms and became an actual thing when she started leveraging those skills for paycheck (instead of just love. The magic formula of course is love + paycheck, which is what we do at BOA).

For said paycheck (outside of BOA), we’ve led social and digital strategy for both non-profits (such as the Getty and Brave New Films) as well as some of the biggest commercial brands in the world, such as Nestlé. We built million-strong social communities for brands like Butterfinger (fun, irreverent), Arrowhead/Poland Spring Water (wholesome, natural), Hot Pockets (young, funny), and 8 other Nestlé brands- developing the strategy to meet goals and measuring KPIs along the way, creating daily content, copywriting, establishing brand voice, and ensuring a crisis plan.

We’re also experienced in influencer marketing and can help you successfully collaborate with the cool kids (or adults, parents, etc. as the case may be).

…and here are some of those social projects:

@PeteHalvorsen shows off his new #GettyInspired billboard on instagram

While working as Head of Marketing at the Getty, one half of our team created an influencer-driven integrated marketing and UGC campaign promoting the Getty Museum as more than just a place to see art. Featured artists, musicians and dancers who found inspiration at the Getty including the Mayor of Los Angeles, tattoo artists and photographers with 200k+ instagram followers. Over 9 months, the campaign resulted in 43m+ impressions and 23k tagged Instagram stories plus record breaking visitor numbers at the museum.The campaign was awarded:
– Best Digital Campaign (PR News)
– Best Branding Campaign (IDCA)
– Gold Muse Award (American Alliance of Museums)

Apple post for Butterfinger featuring a ‘core’ business component- recipes. 😉

Butterfinger was a primary client while one half of our team worked at a small LA-based marketing agency. In addition to copywriting, content creation and designing contests for the irreverent brand, strategic campaigns led to tripling the reach of their social properties. 

Nestlé Waters
Facebook and Instagram Post for Poland Spring Water tied to pillars of inspiration and running.

At the same agency, one half of BOA managed all content creation for Nestlé Waters social properties in addition to launching their presence on Instagram and directing photo shoots. This included integration with sports and running, inspiration, health, and for Nestlé Pure Life, addressing mothers and families.

Hot Pockets

Pocket Like It’s Hot
In addition to managing all their social campaigns and content, our social expert also created the concept for YouTube’s #12 Most Watched Video of 2012 with over 7 million video views that went on to win the agency AdAge Small Agency of the Year and 1st place at the Social Media Icon Award.

You can also find us currently posting adventures on our travel account @pupandpig