Social Media Strategy

Our team leverages over 10 years of experience creating and executing on solid, yet nimble and innovative, social strategy.

Here are some of the things that we’re good at and want to help you with:

Holistic Social Strategy

  • Where do you need to be and why?
    Do you need to be on Pinterest, Snapchat, We Heart This, and RumbleTumbleKittensDotCom? Okay, we made the last one up but you get where we’re going. There are a lot of options and we can help you navigate the beautifully vast seas of social media.
  • Tone/voice of your brand:
    Yo, dawg, your brand is hella rad. And you don’t want to confuse your online communities by sounding like a schizophrenic sea monkey speaking a grab-bag of the latest internet jargon. Not to worry, we’re here to help you sort this out too.
  • Setting goals and measuring them:
    Views, impressions, conversions, engagement, virality, oh my. We like goals a lot. Almost as much as we like analyzing the numbers that help us evaluate them. We’ll help set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and explain the concrete metrics by which they can be evaluated.

Content Creation
So you’re on the social interwebs… what now? Regular posting with kick-ass content. That’s what. We can help you build calendars of content, whether it is high-level strategy or the nitty-gritty of copywriting actual posts, creating engaging imagery, or even producing the evasive unicorn of social content: good video.

Engagement/Fan Building Campaigns
Who couldn’t use a few more fans, likes, shares, comments? We can help you jazz up your social party with fun contests, giveaways, and campaigns that get your fans enthused while strengthening your relationship with them.

Influencer Outreach
You know that guy that has a ton of followers because he’s so good at that thing that also relates to your brand?! Well maybe you don’t know him yet, but you’re about to. We’ll find that guy and figure out how you can leverage his awesomeness in a beautiful partnership that helps bring eyes and loyalty to your organization.

“Viral” content is incredible. But sometimes it’s just not practical to spend your life walking around with your camera at the ready hoping to catch the moment when your new kitten launches himself off the couch and on to a loose board that subsequently hits your best friend in the groin causing him to scream and scaring the kitten who jumps both vertically and backward toward the coffee table, pouncing on the phone and dialing an emergency call just in time for the operator to hear you gasping for air between fits of laughter while holding up your logo for all the internet to see.No, sometimes a good paid media strategy is necessary to help get eyes on great content.

We can help with ad buys on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AdWords and more.

Featured Work:

  • LA Pride Facebook video contest and custom ticket Facebook tab
  • Separately, talent on our team has worked on:

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