Here at BOA, we love helping people tell other people about all the cool stuff they do. A good looking, functional website is the way into your the hearts of your clients/stakeholders/friends. We are certified Nationbuilder architects and experts with a 5 star rating, have a knack for implementing and customizing WordPress, and still have heart for a good ol’ custom site.

Over the last 12 years we’ve collaborated with a lot of wonderful people at a plethora of fantastic organizations. Here’s a bit of that work:



(National Association of Latino Independent Producers)
2017 Latino Media Fest | 2017 Media Summit
NALIP approached BOA in the beginning of 2017 to help build their annual Media Summit website on NationBuilder. The responsive, single-scrolling page with a clean build impressed so we were invited back in the summer, this time to design and code their Latino Media Fest site so that it integrated with, yet stood apart from, the partner program site.

BOA teamed up with the cool kids at Arizona’s Accessibly Cool Theatre Company to create a swanky logo and simple, clean Nationbuilder site to accompany it.

BOA developed a responsive WordPress front and back-end for Los Angeles urban social good non-profit, LA Mas. The result: a simple, scalable, multilingual project site fit for the local community target audience.

Overtone Industries came to BOA with a big vision for a small organization and we designed them a Nationbuilder website to match.


To support LA’s LGBT tour company, BOA designed a fun logo and high-energy Nationbuilder site.

We’ve also created sites that we’re proud of with: LA Pride, Project Spin, Lifeworks, Models of Pride, Learning Curve, Sam Borelli for WeHo City Council, and Abby Travis!